Choosing your pattern collection title

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Choosing your pattern collection title

Hello pattern lovers! Recently I’ve been teaching everything about designing a pattern collection in my course “Erase una vez una Colección” (Once upon a time a collection) and I think it’s a good idea to talk about choosing a pattern collection title today. It may seem a little detail among other greater tasks when designing a collection, but I’m going to share with you 4 good reasons why you should work on your collection titles carefully.

The title situates the theme, topic or trend.

Perhaps it sounds easy to say, but it’s important to remember that your title must give a hint of what’s going to happen in your collection. Sometimes a title would give your clients some information about the trend or season you worked for in your collection. To give this information is ok, as long as the title is not so obvious that you said it all before the client started to see your work. For instance, the title: “Lemons” might be visually interesting, but it says exactly that you are going to see lemons and nothing else. How boring it seems, doesn’t it? That title is not promising, it’s not intriguing and it’s not creative. The name you put to your collections must be creative, or playful or at least inspiring. If it makes you be in a good mood to work and if it makes you think of a juicy varied group of patterns before you hold your pencil, then…that’s a good start.

It sets the identity of the collection.

If your title is creative and inspiring enough, then it will be easier to make a good logo with it. Designing a logo for your collection is not an obligation -in fact the “design police department” won’t take you to jail if you don’t include a logo, hehehe!-; it’s just something you do if you want to make a good professional impression. So, if you have time to develop a logo after designing your collection, it’ll always be very welcome. It’s a beautiful detail that shows that you care about your collection, so this encourages your clients to care more about it too 😉

It’s a powerful hook.

The title of your collection is the name, the unique and creative name that you chose for it.  And it’s a powerful tool that opens the door to enter your collection. So it’s like a hook. You start telling your story in the title, so that’s the reason why I always insist in working hard and creatively on it. If you can generate interest in your clients with the title you chose, then you’ll know that the first step has been a success, because it means that they’ll want to take a look at what happens in your collection. So, don’t think of the title as a minor detail in your work: give the importance it deserves!

Shows your own voice.

This point is very close to number 2. When you are working with a trend, you know that the trend will give you information about different aspects of a specific (and wider) theme. Then you will pick up the aspects that best resonate with your ideas and style. In this sense, you make the trend yours, because you choose to tell your own story about it. For example, think of a trend that is related to night, beach and astronomy. Maybe you decide that the most important concepts in your collection will be just “beach” and “astronomy”, and “night” will stay a little aside. So this is a choice you made about the trend and your collection. You chose the concepts you want to include in your pattern collection story. And when you create a good name or title for your particular story, you’ll be using your own unique voice as a designer, with more chances to stand out. Let’s imagine now that there are hundreds of collections about night, beach and astronomy. If you -and all the other designers- put a simple and predictable title to the collections such as: “Dark beach” or “Beach stars” there wouldn’t be an easy way to really catch the attention and remember your collection. But try, for example, titles like: “Jaguars in Juno” or “Neptune’s Dreams”… see what I mean?.

Well, I hope now you know how important is to think about a good title for your collection. I’d say that is about pouring some extra love and care in your work. Plus, it’ll help you make your clients be more interested in seeing -and who knows, buying!- your pattern collection.

See you in my next post, dear friends!

Image credits:
Chris Abney (jungle)
Jerry Kiesewetter (flamingo)


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