Moleskine Journey” is the name of my most recent personal project. And I’d love to share it with you, pattern lovers, here, in my blog! The purpose of this journey is to draw, or doodle during 30 days (not necessarily consecutive because I wanted to be realistic in matters of time). I started this 2016 thinking that it could be a great idea to commit myself to excercise my creativity and build that personal style in pattern design that I have always dreamed of. So, with some great inspiration I got from Helen Dardik’s Instagram lovely pics in her Moleskine, I accepted to take this personal challenge.

I have spent only 6 days doodling in my Moleskine, but I can tell now you that it feels very different from the first day… everything happens so fast! When I started, the doubts about what to draw ate my brain…now I just let myself go imagining beautiful shapes and textures I’d enjoy seeing. In these last 3 days of journey I decided to explore some freaky flora and microscopic plants (I wanted to explore this because I have to develop a collection related to a concrete theme for the new Chelsea’s Challenge in Pattern Observer Textile Design Lab)… and I am loving it! I really love the idea of taking this project as “micro-journeys” into the unknown… excited to discover new beauties from my mind!

So if you are planning to challenge yourself with a personal journey like this, the first thing I recommend is to gather all the things you love the most in your mind. When you are building a style of your own, it seems easier to start with what makes you feel good. Building a style is like building a new world, and the bricks you use must be consistent, reliable… just like the things you deeply know you like very much! By doing this I could start flowing, without worrying about “what” or “how”. So if you are crazy about little dogs, or mushrooms, or planes or ipads, put them all together in your “world of paper”. Remember, they are bricks. Your bricks. It doesn’t matter if it looks weird to put a dog close a plane, you just go on. This will be the first step (the most important!). Keep doing the same at least for 4 or 6 days, and you will see that you will need to add new elements to your world, or maybe you will feel curious about exploring the visual history of planes… drawing ipads and dogs too! And that will be ok, because it’s your world, and there, you make the rules!

To start building, I recommend to gather these bricks in your mind:

  • Objects you adore because of their shape, or texture, or scale. If what you like is not an object (in my case it was “music”, in slide 1 of this post), then think about all the things related to it (headphones, an instrument, etc)
  • Objects you adore because of their emotional value (a ring someone gave you, a perfume bottle, a beautiful cushion your best friend gave you, a dress, etc)
  • A memory about something special for you (being in a train, or a lovely caffeteria, or enjoying a movie…). You don’t need to draw all the complete scene: maybe using just a train seat, or a cup of coffee and macarons, or just 3D glasses and popcorn is enough!
  • Characters you admire (yes! they can be in your world as guest stars, too! One of my beloved artists, Mark Ryden, uses to invite Abraham Lincoln to “live” in his paintings: here is an example).

When you have gathered the first bricks, you can put yourself at work. Draw, doodle, let your hand try and explore. If you consider that you made “mistakes”, take the liberty of beginning again. Don’t pressure yourself. And remember these useful tips for doodling I talked about in my previous post.

Well, I hope my experience helps you and encourages you to decide to take this challenge. I am planning to tell you more about this process and the discoverings I will be making… So this post will be the first part only.

If you want to see the whole process, here is the link to my Instagram profile!

Have a really nice day.