Good morning, everyone!  I am so happy to show you what I have been doing these last few days ago… designing prints and patterns for a very interesting design challenge launched by The Textile Design Lab, of super famous website Pattern Observer (I will post about this amazing website in my next entry) 🙂

When you are inside the Textile Design Lab you can access to a section called “Design Challenges” to keep you training and practising your design skills. There are two ways of challenges: the “One hour Challenge” and the “Chelsea’s Challenge”, which is the “excercise” I decided to do this time (Chelsea Von Hasseln is one of the main instructors in TDL). The theme was “Album Art”. And I fell in love immediately with the idea of joining music and design.

I deeply ADORE several music bands, and, at the beginning, it was difficult to make a decision on which band I would choose. After thinking a while, I decided to stick to the “classic loves”: Depeche Mode (see my previous post about “teenager lettering” here). I had to refresh my memory searching for all of their cover albums, then think about the characteristics of people who listen to DM (“the customers”), and look for trends that would fit in my style and the bands aesthetics. As you could see in the pictures, I have uploaded not only my designs, but the covers from where I got my inspiration. I think it’s useful to show you the preexistent graphic elements on which I based my creation and how I made them mine, with my own style 😉

I can tell you that doing this excercise was fun, inspirational, useful and totally 100% enjoyable! I had a great time sketching, drawing and designing with my idols in my mind! Thank you Chelsea for this excellent challenge idea!

Well friends, hope you enjoy these prints and patterns as much as I enjoyed creating them! Have a nice day!