My name is Paula Alvarez, but you’ll know me as Pupapop in my social media. I’m a print & pattern designer who’s pasionate about the Pattern Design world. Why it passionates me? Because a print or a pattern is a powerful tool that combines art, skill, inspiration, trends, design and knowledge and it allows you to “dress” surfaces, giving beauty and meaning to them.

I get inspiration from nature, botany, a good “walk” around Instagram, Pinterest, music, fashion, trends and artists I follow and admire.

I have worked for sportswear and beachwear brands, as for women fashion projects, stationery and gifts. I also created my own instruction options about the world of Pattern Design (e-books, online courses, webinars, etc), available in my website (only in spanish for now).

My passion for Pattern Design led me to create my on bilingual blog focused on Print & Pattern Design, called In Pattern We Trust, that’s actually one of the most constant and informative specialised blogs in Spain and in the spaish language, having most of its public in Spain, UK, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Colombia and France. Today I’m curator of Ellopatterns Community in www.ello.co and I’m the administrator of the Facebook Group dedicated to Courses/Job Board of Pattern Design (only spanish).

I hope that this quick introduction has given you the information you need. You’ll see some of my favorite works in my Portfolio, in case you like to know more, so here’s the link.


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