How to Shop

My store of printed products works in a clear and simple way. Here’s how it usually works:

Which payment methods do I have in Pupapop?

You can pay through credit/debit card, PAYPAL or bank transfers.

Are my transactions safe in Pupapop?

If it wasn’t, neither I’d buy me! For example, all the payments you perform via bank transfer are processed in the bank’s dedicated servers. If you choose to pay via PAYPAL, your payments will be processed in this safe platform dedicated servers, that is the most reliable and most chosen platform in the Internet to make online transactions (see the website). When you decide to pay via PAYPAL the platform will let you choose to pay with the account or with your credit card and, in both cases, it will be processed in their dedicated servers.

Once you’ve finished with the process, you’ll be redirected to my Shop again and you’ll receive an email with the confirmation that the purchase has been executed successfully.

Is it necessary to register or have an account in Pupapop to buy?

No, it’s not necessary: you can buy all the products you want without having to create an account in Pupapop.

How do I find out if my purchase has been done successfully?

Once your request has been complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email. In case you didn’t, please check that your inbox isn’t full or the email didn’t go to the SPAM folder. If that’s not the case, get in touch with me writing to: and I’ll help you solve this.

Are my previous purchases and delivery addresses saved into my account?

Yes! This is all about not losing your precious time, so we speeded up the purchase process enabling your Client Area that you can access by logging in as an user in our Shop (go to the upper right menu and register in “My Account”)

How can I find out my delivery status?

That’s really simple. I’ll keep you posted with your delivery status because I want my customers to be anything but worried. So, I’ll send an email when the following happens:
-Your purchase is completed successfully.
-There’s been a problem with the payment.
-Your request has been processed (it means that your payment has been done and I’m preparing your package).
-Your order has been completed (the package has left the store and it’s on its way). 
Anyway, if when you buy something you get a little bit anxious about the time it will get to you, you can enter your Client Area (if you have registered) and you’ll be able to take a quick look there.

How long will it take to receive my order?

I work to make sure that my products will arrive soon -there’s no time to lose and you know it- and in good conditions. I have three delivery terms:

-MRW (Express): 24/48 hs.
CORREOS (Standard): 3/7 days.
CORREOS (International): 1-2 weeks.

Once the order is registered and after your payment confirmation, it takes from 1 to 3 working days to deliver the package. I send you an email to notify you that your order has left the store and, as I want you to keep more control about it, I include the tracking number so you can check it out from the Courier webpage. This way, you’ll be able to locate it anytime you want and coordinate the delivery at your place, in case you were not present by the time it arrived. Keep in mind that if that happens, it could take 1 or 2 extra days than the indicated in my web Shop. From the moment that the product has left my Shop and you receive my email with the tracking information, Pupapop doesn’t take responsibility for the delays or incidents with the delivery system, e.g: if you’re not there when they get to your door.

How do you make a return?

I like things fast and confy, so if you need to return one of our products for any reason appliable to you (change of mind, bad decission or purchase mistake) or appliable to me (I sent you the wrong product, it’s broken or not coincident to what you bought) you must follow this steps:

1) Let me know as soon as possible the reasons why you want to make the return, writing to; in your email include the purchase number, so I can find it easily. You have 14 days from the moment you receive the products to request the return. After that, I will not be able to make the return or refund you the money, so pay special attention to this point. Don’t say then that I didn’t tell you 😛

2) Even if it’s due to me or other reasons that don’t include me, in my Shop I take care of picking the products from your address. That’ll save you some time and money, because the rates for my provided delivery services are lower than the ones that you can get from the same companies. I’ll get in touch with you via email to coordinate the Delivery service visit. Once I receive the products, I’ll check their state: it’s ESSENTIAL that they remain unopened and without use, not broken or stained, so I can refund the money.

Recommendation (I deeply believe that being cautious never hurts): if the product is in perfect state, take some pictures of it with your cellphone before you sent it to me, so in case they get harmed on its way, you would be able to confirm it easily and get your money refund.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the return is made from a country outside Spain, the customer will take care of the shipping and all the shipping costs.

How long does it take to receive the refunded money?

If the return is made due to reasons that are external, the refund will be performed in 5 working days from the day I receive the products and after checking the products condition (remember that if it’s not in perfect state I cannot perform the refund). The same price you’ve paid for the product will be back through the same payment method you used for your purchase, except the delivery rate.

If the refund is due to a reason appliable to me, I’ll assume all the expenses generated by the delivery of the product and the refund will be made in full in 5 days after you receive the email confirmation.

If I live outside Europe, can I receive products from Pupapop?

Yes, of course! I have Worlwide shipping service, because I secretly want to conquer the world. Please remember that international shippings take from 1 to 2 weeks to get to you.

Do you have gift wrapping for  your products?

Unfortunately, at this moment I do not offer that service, but I do not discard that possibility in the future.

Will you inform me when a product is in stock again, after going out of stock?

Yes. If you’re interested in purchasing a product that is currently out of stock, write to me to letting me know which product you’d like to know when it’s back in stock and I’ll be glad to inform you.

How do I keep posted with the latest news about Puapop’s products?

It’s easy, you have two ways: visiting my blog or subscribing to it, or checking on my Social Media platforms.

I’d like to make a post or article on Pupapop in my network. Do I have to let you know about it?

I’d be pleased if you write about me and my products. It’s an honor. If you let me know, writing to I’ll reply quickly and I’ll send you the information or pictures that you need to create it. Once I see it published, I’ll send you a Thank You gift from my website (and from my heart!).

Can I ask you anything that’s not listed here in this section?

Sure! write to me to or use the Contact Form in my website (that I DO read and use) and I’ll be replying to your question as soon as possible.