Hello pattern lovers! Recently I have been taking a look at www.vogue.es catwalks from the Paris Fashion Week, and I found some interesting prints and patterns for A/W 17-18 I’d like to share today. I wanted this quick overview was pure inspiration for us pattern designers, illustrators and designers in general: you’ll see amazing color palettes, type of motifs, original combinations… I selected the most beautiful examples for you. Would you like to take a look? 😉

Florals (slide 1)

Flowers, flowers… eternal flowers. What I enjoyed the most was the strong bet of Kenzo, whose florals are intense and powerful. None can remain indifferent around if you’re wearing that black Kenzo dress! (the same happens with Sonya Rykiel’s one).  And look at what Dries Van Noten shows: a lovely and original combination of geometric with floral prints (to see larger images just right-click on the slide and choose “See Image”).

Geometric (slide 2)

All I can say is that I absolutely fell in love with the two Manish Arora‘s geo prints I’m showing. The colour explotion in these prints and patterns turn them into pieces of art. Besides… look at those amazing color combinations… (have you ever thought of mixing those colors like that?). Talking about colors, I was delighted by the design by Leonard in the left: exquisite stripes for a very elegant result. The other design by Leonard definitely caught my eye because of the great color combination, in a very powerful abstract geo print.

Conversational (slide 3)

And ant last -but not least- here are some illustrated designs. Miu Miu surprised me with this telephones print in two different colorways (oh, so mid-century!). Meanwhile, Manish Arora tells a story in outer space, with stars, rockets, gradients and a limitless fantasy color palette. And if you thought that keys weren’t enough interesting objets to make a decent print, Hermès shows you how to do it!

Well, I hope this short overview has inspired you. I really enjoyed discovering these jewels, that are a good reference and example of what our designs can become! 😉

See you soon in the next post! Have a great design day!