Hello pattern designers! Let me ask you a simple question: what’s your style in Pattern Design? To have a clear style is something that worries designers (it’s like finding the Holy Grail to some) while others are not worried at all because they feel happy following -and working for- trends without having a defined style. So, in which group are you? I have to say that I’ve felt like I was -and I am- in both groups. I think that it’s very important, as a professional, to have a unique style but it’s also important to be able to adapt to trends when it’s required. This is an ability to train and it needs time and practice.

But before I go on talking about the need of having a style, I have to make clear that when I say “style in Pattern Design” I’m referring to that style that is perfectly recognizable when someone sees a pattern of yours and he/she knows is yours: not only because of your style in illustration or drawing, but also because your layouts preferences, color palettes, your usual type of motifs, themes, repetition methods, etc. As I said, developing this style takes a while. A style isn’t born in just one day. So now that I made this clear… do you feel like you really have a defined style in Pattern Design?

To have a unique style in Pattern Design can bring some good advantages to you, like these:

  • It’ll give you your own particular voice
  • It’ll make your work recognizable and memorable (even when you are working with trends)
  • Your fans will love everything you publish, print or design (if you are true and coherent to your style)
  • It’ll make you feel happier when you work
  • Sometimes it’ll even help you define a specific niche or market where you can sell your products

Having or not a defined style is a decision you have to make. Sometimes choosing to be a chameleon designer (as Michelle Fifis from Pattern Observer calls it) won’t be a bad choice if you want to work with pattern design studios, because they need you to be highly versatile in order to design fresh and trendy patterns. If you choose to build a clear personal style, then that’ll be great if you want to work for your own business, shop and products; and if you’re not so good in seeling your artworks (although you have a great style), you’ll still have the option to work with an agent. And finally, if you choose both, you’ll be enjoying all the advantages and possibilities altogether.

As a designer, I enjoy playing the chameleon very much: it’s so refreshing and exciting! but I can’t deny that I am deeply happy too when I design my own products (if you follow my Instagram feed, you know what I’m talking about!). Recently I have been immersed in designing a little collection of 3 botany patterns in my particular style, one for a wallet and two for a tablet sleeve. This time I was looking for digital printing onto cotton fabrics at a convenient price. I had heard that recently Textilfy, a modern online site focused on designing, printing and selling fabrics, began to digital-print cotton fabrics. I also knew that Textilfy was the place for small indie brands, crafters, DIY lovers and sewing addicts, so I thought they might be a good option for my small project. So, I contacted them.

Jose Luis Moreno from Textilfy was the person who kindly showed me all their new cotton fabrics I could choose and finally I decided to print my designs onto cotton twill. And I don’t regret this decision. I LOVED the result! What do you think? 🙂

Well my friends. This is all for today. See you in my next post!