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Develop your own authentic artistic style, to boost your career in pattern or graphic design, illustration and fine arts.

Signature Style - Creative Mentoring

The most admired, creative people have always stood out for the great style of their works. But style is not something exclusive to Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo:

YOU can define your own style...

...but you have to train it and bring it out through focused work.

That process, that you usually do it alone, is often a long one. Although it doesn’t always have to be solitary: more and more artists have begun to seek support and training with mentors as a smart hack in the process of evolving in their artistic development.

With the help of creative mentoring sessions, they save months and months of practice in finding their styles. Literally. But mostly because they value owning their time and not wasting it exhaustingly in the hands of procrastination, uncertainty and blockages when they feel they are walking with no direction.

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For all these reasons, I have created "OH, MY STYLE! Creative Immersion", for the development of your artistic signature style:


defining your style takes a lot of work and practice. It is one of the greatest (and most exciting) challenges of a creative person. It is the primary quest, probably the most necessary one.

OH, MY STYLE! is not going to save you the work you have to do, but the workload (and extra time) you end up putting in when you do this process without any direction, support, training or focus.

That makes a huge difference, which is why more and more artists and creative people decide to invest in mentoring without thinking TWICE about it. Don’t forget that today, the most valuable lingots are of time, not gold.

In a few words:
OH, MY STYLE! Is that once in a lifetime experience. You come out of it with an expanded and strengthened vision of yourself and your skills as a creator.

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You gain determination and open the door to work with a kind of satisfaction you didn’t have before, because your style becomes the most coherent bridge between who you are and what your hands express.

But how do you bring all this work down to reality? The best explanation is to tell you what those who have already done my creative mentoring have achieved so far:

Sign licensing contracts with major companies and see their pattern collections printed on fabrics.

Win design contests and get access to receiving royalties on the selected designs

Sign collaboration contracts with design studios and agents

Start illustrating covers for editorial media

Sign exciting collaborations with cool specialised shops to sell their illustrated prints

Be selected to participate as guest artists in design and illustration markets

Being called and recognized by City Councils for mural projects or exhibitions… and many other achievements that make everyone feel enormous satisfaction!

Now I'll quickly tell you some real
stories of ex-students:

Historias Oh, My Style!

Now I'll explain WHAT IS NOT “Oh, My Style! for you to better understand the process in which you are going to get involved with me:


This mentoring is not therapy.

But many of my clients and students find it therapeutic to discover their own styles and their authentic artistic voice. There is a connection between creativity and spirituality, because creativity requires you to be present and aware of who you are and why you create what you create. Therefore, a person who connects at a deep level with their own style of creating, gains autonomy, determination and feels that the pieces of their artistic work and their life in general finally fit together.


It is not a process where you pay your guide to tell you exactly what you expect to hear.

That would pat you on the shoulder, but it won’t get you out of where you are right now. OH MY STYLE! is an honest supervised process, an ethical accompaniment, committed to your goals and very respectful of your professional and emotional needs.


It is not just another creative training to save at the bottom of your computer.

This creative immersion asks you to actively commit to your project, giving it the time (between 3-6 hours a week) and the space it deserves.

With all that said, now I just need to introduce you to what this Total Immersion in Creative Style includes (take note, there is plenty):

Tailor-made start:
You make the payment and in a few days you can start this journey with me. You will not have to wait for calls or closed deadlines.

1st initial Diagnosis session to assess your current creative situation and draw up the best action plan. It is charged separately, so that you pay for the complete training only when you have already met me in a session and check that we can make a good team.

Key exercises to help you create your own image repertoire and dissolve the typical difficulties that usually block this process.

5 personalized reports in pdf format, written after the session especially for you. The reports of this creative mentoring (which are the most powerful growth engine of the process) include:

  • my detailed analysis of everything you have brought in session
  • special exercises adapted according to your creative personality and your goals
  • suggestions and strategic tips to speed up your process
  • visual inspiration so you can situate yourself and find your own stylistic direction (moodboards created just for you, based on your story)
  • creative guidance to fill your mind with fresh ideas

Expanded access to 2 email inquiries per week (before, you only had one).

A free copy of Coloramica, my ebook that teaches you how to use color professionally in your designs, with balance and harmony 

If you would like to have an extra support session (of 1 hour and a half long), you will enjoy a 40% discount on its price, during your Immersion of OH, MY STYLE!

50% discount on the first SELF-ESTEEM ARMOR session (program that will be available soon)

In which cases my creative mentoring OH, MY STYLE! will be able to help you?

mentorias creativas alumna

If you have a reasonable practice in drawing, or design, or painting (no need to be advanced or professional).


If you dedicate yourself to graphic design, prints, illustration, drawing, fine arts…


If you don’t want to wait any longer to start making a real way for your artistic career.

If you want to reinvent yourself or truly find yourself in your creative work by training it with intelligent self-knowledge


If you have a strong motivation to discover how far your creative potential can go



They have just completed their studies or Master’s Degree in Design or Art and do not yet know how to start building a career as an independent professional, from an artistic point of view. They have the theory, but they feel very insecure when it comes to starting. Or, if they do start, they want to do it with a solid proposal with real possibilities.


They have worked as designers or creatives for many years in companies and now they are looking to reinvent themselves or rescue their creative life, because it has been totally forgotten.


They have sons who want to pursue a career in Fine Arts or Illustration: OH, MY STYLE! will be the perfect gift to help them understand their true potential and artistic strengths early on.

You're probably excited by now and motivated by the idea of ​​taking action. But if you first want to read direct testimonials from people who have already experienced OH, MY STYLE!...

...here I leave you some stories of those who already put themselves in my hands:

Mentorias creativas sesión

What will be your investment?

Oh, My Style! is my most recognized, celebrated and longest running creative training.

Do you know why? Because it’s unique.

And you can see it with results that exist in the real world, with real people (and not in a marketing campaign).

Below I show you the investment you will make when you decide to take action and start making changes in the way you approach and develop your creative work:


100% tailor-made and at to your own pace
  • 1 Diagnostic session to analyze your starting point and set your goals.
  • 6 Work Sessions of 90 mins (conversation, exercise reviews, technical-practical knowledge, advice, portfolio building and a lot of extra stuff, difficult to quantify, but that make the sessions a format with a lot of substance)
  • 6 reports carefully written for you. They are the jewel of this process, as I spend hours creating them to provide you with the information you need most.
  • 1 method that will stay with you forever, as you can apply it every time you want to develop your style in different artistic activities.
creatividad y desarrollo personal

So... are you ready to begin?


and fill out the form by telling me your current work or creative status, so that I can know if this creative mentoring program is the best option to help you or if you need another of my support options.

I will respond to you within the next 48 business hours.

If your situation, goals and motivation fit into the work process of OH, MY STYLE!, I will send you a dossier of ALMOST 30 PAGES, with extended information so that you can discover in a more detailed way everything that awaits you in this unique experience.

I'm so glad you want to start (or are interested in) Oh, My Style!

Please fill in the form with the required data information, which will help me a lot to respond in a more personalized way :)

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Entonces escríbeme a través de este formulario o envíame un mail a hello@pupapop.com.

Te responderé a la máxima brevedad posible (dentro de las 48 h siguientes).

Nos leemos pronto!

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